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Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Sanskritik Kendra

Welcome to the official website of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's Sanskritik Kendra in Nagpur! We are proud to present a cultural center that aims to enrich the future generations of India. Our Sanskritik Kendra at Koradi is a magnificent structure spanning two floors, each covering an area of 14,760 sq. ft.

The first floor houses the remarkable "Ramayana Darshanam Hall," a unique exhibition complex where the entire story of Lord Rama is narrated through captivating murals and oil paintings. This hall showcases 120 magnificent paintings portraying significant episodes from the Ramayana, from the birth of Sri Rama to his glorious coronation. Accompanying these masterpieces are informative write-ups in English, Hindi, and Marathi, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the epic tale.

On the second floor, we present the "Bharata Mata Sadanam," a tribute to our valiant freedom fighters and defense personnel, designed to instill a deep sense of patriotism. Within this hall, you will find a bronze statue of Bharata Mata, along with 115 paintings depicting the heroic struggles of freedom fighters from 1857 to 1947. Additionally, we proudly showcase 21 Paramvir Chakra Awardees and 14 paintings that vividly depict various pivotal events from India's freedom struggle, each accompanied by explanatory write-ups.

At Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's Sanskritik Kendra, we invite you to immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of India. Explore the depths of the Ramayana and witness the bravery and sacrifices of our freedom fighters. Join us in our mission to inspire and educate generations to come, fostering a deep love for our country and its glorious past.

Bhavan is guided by India's ancient concepts:
- Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam -


A Nation becomes great because of its citizens and good governance. A democracy of the people, by the people, for the people alone can take a Nation to greater heights. That is the main mission of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan was founded on November 7, 1938 by Kulapati Dr. K.M. Munshi at Mumbai and stands for the reintegration of Indian Culture. The real strength of the Bhavan is in building character, humility, selflessness and dedication, and works for building a peaceful India.

Bhartiya Vidya bhavan

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Nagpur Kendra was established in 1970. It has 9 Schools, Gandhi Institute of Computer Education and Information Technology imparting free Computer Education, a Centre for Human Excellence and a Cultural wing “Kalasrjan” (Academy of Indian Music, Dance and Fine Arts).

The Six Bhavan’s School in Nagpur cater to 16148 students and around 2564 students are studying in the project schools of Mouda, Wardha and Satna under the aegis of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Nagpur Kendra. All the 9 Bhavan’s Schools are affiliated to CBSE and are giving exemplary performances in both scholastic and co-scholastic areas.

The Nagpur Kendra is a center of academic excellence, cultural activities, training programs, and includes a special cell for children with learning disabilities.

  • Saral Sanskrit Vibhag:
    The Kendra runs Saral Sanskrit classes under the umbrella of the Central Bhavan, Mumbai. An average of 300 students appears for the examination, and are awarded certificates.
  • Bhavan’s Library & Pustak Bharati:
    The Library has all Bhavan’s Publications and a large collection of books on various subjects. Pustak Bharati promotes the sales of Bhavan’s Publications.
  • Bhavan’s Gandhi Institute of Computer Education & Information Technology:
    The Institute’s Nagpur branch was started in August 2002. It conducts courses on Office Assistant, Account Assistant and Desktop Publishing. So far, the Institute has trained 8860 students.
  • Bhavan’s Centre for Human Excellence:
    The Centre conducts Programmes for enriching professional skills of teachers from the eight schools of Bhavan’s in all around Nagpur.
  • Bhavan’s Kalasrjan:
    Kalasrjan, the Cultural wing of Bhavan’s Nagpur Kendra’s was started in May 2008 with the objective of encouraging talents in Vidarbha region. Kalasrjan’s activities for the past fifteen years have helped to create an imprint in the cultural horizon of Vidarbha.

The Kendra Committee of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Nagpur Kendra

  • Shri Rajendra Purohit
  • Shri Jimmy Rana
    Associate Secretary
  • Prof. C.G. Raghavan
    Kendra Committee Member
  • Justice Ravi K. Deshpande(Retd.)
    Kendra Committee Member
  • Dr. Rajendra G. Chandak 
    Kendra Committee Member
  • Dr. Vinay Nangia
    Kendra Committee Member
  • Smt. Padmini Jog
    Kendra Committee Member
  • Smt. Annapoorni Shastri
  • Shri Vijay Y. Thakre
  • Dr. Smt. Sunanda Sonarikar
  • Shri K.M. Agrawal
  • Prof. Q.H. Jeevaji
    Kendra Committee Member
  • Dr. Roopa Kulkarni
    Kendra Committee Member
  • Shri Rakesh Purohit
    Kendra Committee Member
  • Dr. Pankaj T. Chande
    Kendra Committee Member
  • Shri Vijay Phanshikar
    Kendra Committee Member
  • Shri T.L. Raja
    Joint Director
  • Shri Swapneel S Giradkar
    Asst Registrar




Rajiv Gandhi Award
for National Integration

The Rajiv Gandhi Award for National Integration is an award instituted by the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation in India. It is presented annually to individuals or organizations that have made significant contributions to promoting national integration, communal harmony, and social cohesion in the country. The award recognizes those who have worked towards bridging the divides of caste, religion, language, or ethnicity and have fostered unity among diverse communities


Communal harmony award

Communal Harmony Award

The Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan was selected for the Communal Harmony Award 1999 for its outstanding contribution to the cause of promotion of communal harmony and national integration by the Jury for the Communal Harmony Awards headed by the Hon'ble Vice-President of India.

The President of India Shri K.R Narayanan presented the Communal Harmony and National Integration Award for the year 1999 to the Bhavan at a special function on August 31, 2000, at the historic Ashoka Hall of Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi. The President of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Worldwide Bharat Ratna C. Subramanian received the Award on behalf of the Bhavan.


Education Award

Educational Institution of National Eminence Award

Institutions are granted the status of "Institution of Eminence" based on their academic reputation, research output, global rankings, and their ability to achieve excellence in teaching, research, and innovation. These designated institutions receive increased autonomy, financial support, and other privileges to enhance their competitiveness and global standing.


Rajiv Gandhi international award

International Gandhi Peace Prize

The International Gandhi Peace Prize is given to individuals, organizations, or institutions from around the world that have made outstanding contributions to promoting peace, nonviolence, and harmony. The award recognizes the efforts and achievements of individuals or entities in areas such as conflict resolution, social justice, human rights, and sustainable development.

Bhavan's: Nurturing Intellectual, Cultural, and Educational Excellence Worldwide 

  1. Institution of Studies and Research in Ideology and Indian Culture.
  2. Institutions for the development of Publications on Religious, Spiritual, Philosophical, Cultural Values and Research:
    (a) Books Periodicals
    (b) Department of Indian History
    (c) Book University
  3. Colleges of Science, Arts, Commerce, Teacher Education, Engineering, Communication, Management and Research.
  4. Technical Institutions
  5. Educational Institutions
  6. Performing Arts Institutions
  7. Institutions for the Promotion of Yoga and Karate
  8. Institution for Vaastu Shastra
  9. Institution of Astrology and other Occult Sciences.
  10. Institution for Public Affairs and Administration.
  11. Vocational Training Institutions
  12. Institution for the Study of Foreign Languages.
  13. Institutes of Computer Education and Information Technology.
  14. Institution for Management.
  15. Institution for Reviving Ancient Cultural Values, Arts, Heritage and Vedic Knowledge.
  16. Institute for Universal Religions.
  17. Educational and Cultural Foundation.
  18. Hospitals
  19. Sanatorium
  20. Institutions for Tribal Welfare and Development of Tribal Culture.
  21. Hostels for Scheduled Tribes
  22. Institution for Self Employment in the Rural and Urban Areas.
  23. Libraries for Ideology, Sanskrit and Manuscripts.
  24. Libraries for Childern’s Reading and Recreation.
  25. Art Gallery
  26. Centres for Cultural Activities
  27. Centre for Dyslexia
  28. National Open School
  29. Centre for Human Excellence
  30. Day Care Centre
  31. Centres for Women
  32. Special Education Centres
  33. Farm
  34. Botanical Garden
  35. Tailoring Institute
  36. Ayurvedic Dispensaries
  37. Personality Development Unit
  38. Coaching Centre for Chartered Accountancy
  39. Classes for Indian Institute of Technology Foundation, Complementary Learning System and Correspondence Course.
  40. All India Essay Competitions.
  41. All India Colloquium on Ethical and Spiritual Values
  42. All India University Teacher’s and Student’s Camp
  43. Discourses, Lectures, Seminars, Workshops.

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